Cogmed Testimonials & Anecdotals

Mother of E, 9 years old

Our 9 year old daughter began her experience with Cogmed the summer between second and third grade. We are profoundly grateful that the psychologist who did her evaluations suggested this for her.

Cogmed has helped our daughter substantially already. From the beginning, we were very comfortable working with both Dr. Garcia and Ms. Zaklin, who did everything they could to make sure that we understood how to get us much as we could out of our Cogmed experience. By following the guidelines they established for us, my daughter blossomed. While she initially had difficulty sitting for the duration of the session, she quickly acclimated and felt rewarded by the improvements that she herself saw. It was an empowering and fulfilling experience to be able to monitor her gains herself. Further, she loved that we had this quality time that we set aside 5 times a week without interruption. It became something that we both looked forward to and cherished. She also enjoyed the snacks and the built in breaks. The more I sat with my daughter, the more I felt I understood the logic behind Cogmed and why it was designed the way it was designed.

The benefits from completing the 5 weeks and now doing the follow up maintenance work are startling. She has a much better time remembering spelling words and math facts, both of which were extremely challenging for her before the Cogmed program. She also seems to be able to hold information in her head without confusing it. She used to need to answer questions right away or she would somehow lose her response. This is no longer the case. It is extremely satisfying to see that all of the hours of hard work and commitment have paid off and that Cogmed truly helped my daughter’s memory to improve this much.

A, 64 years old

I’m a 64 year old Lawyer, a woman with a wonderful family: a husband, 3 grown children, a new son-in-law. Ideal?  Not exactly. I struggled with years of undiagnosed ADHD.

I grew up in the pre-ADHD era.  School problems were diagnosed as laziness and a mental block in math.  The lectures always began with “such a smart girl” and ended with “apply yourself.” In other words, my fault.  I wondered why everything was difficult for me and easy for everyone else.   Why couldn’t I even enjoy the success that was so hard to achieve?

Ten years ago, a doctor confirmed the diagnosis.  I was overjoyed!   The struggle finally made sense.  I tried Strattera, which did nothing but raise my blood pressure.  Instead, I learned as much as possible about ADHD and changed my routine in some helpful ways.  Great.  Recently, therapy relieved the emotional damage from that lifetime of struggle.  Cogmed seemed interesting, so I tried that too.  It helped more than anything.  Starting and finishing projects is no problem now.  I’m on time and prepared.  Organizing is easy, even fun.  I’m so much calmer.  But more than anything, I’m enjoying myself!

Many parents say that their child or teen….

  • communicates better,
  • is more focused,
  • shows more initiative in chores & homework,
  • is more organized,
  • is neater in their room & their grooming,
  • remembers directions & routines better,
  • has better frustration tolerance & fewer meltdowns,
  • has improved test performance,
  • has greater self-confidence.

Many adults say that they….

  • are more oganized,
  • get to work and meetings on time,
  • remember better,
  • think matters through more thoroughly,
  • concentrate better on work tasks,
  • have increased productivity,
  • feel calmer,
  • feel more in control.

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