Frequently Asked Questions: Cogmed

Who is a good candidate for Cogmed?

Cogmed can be done with children, teens and adults (through older aging adults) who were born with attention and working memory memory problems or acquired these difficulties during their lifetime as a result of a head injury or stroke. Good candidates may have trouble with attention, problem solving, avoiding distractions, losing things, planning ahead, starting and finishing tasks, reading comprehension, and math. Adults begin to lose about 10% of their working memory every decade beginning in their late 20’s. This age typically coincides with a natural increase in juggling work and family demands and Cogmed can make the management of those responsbilities easier.

How does Cogmed compare with other programs?

The most reliable and valid information about how Cogmed stand outs is seen in its research. Over two dozen research studies conducted by reputable scientists have been published to date in reputable journals demonstrating real results that last. Many products and programs are marketed aggressively to people who struggle with attention, but none compare to Cogmed’s solutions.

Does Cogmed interfere with other interventions?

Cogmed is a complimentary intervention to other services that you or your child may be receiving. It works side-by-side with medication, tutoring, skills training, psychotherapy, speech therapy and other interventions.

How can I learn more about Cogmed?

You can learn more about Cogmed including reading stories of real life people of all ages that have undergone training and reaped its benefits, by visiting their website at

We are available to speak with you at (917) 723-9986 or email to explore if you or someone that you know would benefit from Cogmed Working Memory Training.