What are the Positive Changes Expected from Cogmed?

80% of the people who complete Cogmed Working Memory Training notice positive results 3-4 weeks after they have finished the program.

The general effects that have been shown after training include:

Many more positive changes, like improved reading comprehension and performance in math, grow increasingly noticeable after some more time has elapsed and the brain has had a chance to integrate the new skills.

Many individuals with ADHD, learning disabilities and other such difficulties have noticed significant improvements socially, academically and behaviorally. Many clients report that it feels like a door has been opened in their mind for the first time and everyday life tasks seems more possible.

It is understood that the positive changes are long-lasting due to the fact that people are using their working memory more actively in everyday life after completing the program, thereby naturally developing and maintaining their new capacity.

More information and videos about working memory and executive function is available on the Resources page.

For more information detailing Cogmed and the research that has been published to date, please review the factsheets below:

Cogmed Working Memory Training Fact Sheet

Cogmed Published Research Sheet

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