Adult Psychotherapy

Is your stress level so high that it interferes with your ability to function at home, work or in relationships?

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Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

Does your child or teen struggle with their mood or behavior, relationships with family or peers or school work?

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Family & COUPLES Therapy

Do you feel overwhelmed by the dynamics and history of your romantic relationship or with your family?

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English, Spanish & Arabic

A multicultural clinical team of experienced therapists are available to help you heal and find relief. We offer services in English, Spanish, and Arabic, both in-person and virtually, in a culturally sensitive environment.

Broad Age Range

Individuals of all ages from age 2 to older seniors can find a good clinical fit with one of our seasoned clinicians utilizing a variety of therapeutic approaches to meet your needs and move toward healing at your own pace.

Clinical Experience

A number of treatment approaches such as Supportive Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques, CBT, DBT, IFS Informed Therapy, EMDR, Play Therapy, BrainSpotting, Family Systems, SPACE Treatment, and others are offered.

Providing Hope and Change During Life’s Difficult Times.

It’s ok to feel nervous or scared about seeking help, especially if it’s the first time that you are taking this step. Finding the right clinical fit with a therapist that you can feel comfortable with and trust can help make the difference between staying stuck or moving toward change.

Call us to see if one of our clinicians is a good clinical fit to meet your needs.