Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a strengths-based approach where in parents/primary caregivers work directly with a therapist in order to improve effective communication, parent-child relationships, identify and navigate familial dynamics as they relate to the child/children, as well as what the parent can do to help their child/children work on challenging behaviors. The therapist provides support and various ways to implement different interventions to the parent/s.

Parent coaching helps parents/primary caregivers to put challenging behaviors or difficulties their child is facing into context as related to child development and environmental factors. Your therapist is present to partner with you to identify your strengths and where you want to improve in your role as a parent, as well as provide psychoeducation and additional resources when necessary. The goal is not to tell you what to do but rather to help you understand why a specific intervention is being recommended so that you have a deeper understanding and connection to the change, and so it is translatable and sustainable for you and your child in your everyday life.

Many people seek out parent coaching due to feeling as if they are a “bad” parent or their child’s behavior is “bad.” Parent coaching is a strengths-based approach used to help empower the parent, and therefore the child, with supportive strategies and effective communication tools. Your therapist will also work with you on how to have and increase the empathy you have for yourself and your child. Parent coaching is beneficial to any parent and/or caregiver who is looking to strengthen their relationship with their child/children.