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The impact of everyday stress, work difficulties, problems with friendships and family relationships and trouble coping with significant life transitions can interfere with the functioning and overall satisfaction of any adult.

Some of these everyday stressors and life changes can include:

  • Being dissatisfied at work or being overworked
  • Having little support at home to keep up with daily tasks
  • Having trouble with your spouse, aging parent or other family members
  • Having trouble with your children
  • Coping with the death of a loved one
  • Losing a job/adjusting to retirement
  • Having a major medical illness/supporting a loved one with a major medical illness
  • Aging/functional decline
  • Suffering a trauma/having a history of abuse
  • Getting married or divorced
  • Becoming a new parent

These stressors and changes along with many others can often lead to feelings of sadness, inadequacy, hopelessness, grief, anger, anxiety or panic. Experiencing trouble focusing, poor self–esteem, questioning your identity, procrastinating, being explosive and self-destructive, arguing with your spouse, children or other relatives are also different ways that these stressors can affect adults in their daily lives.

More information about these difficulties and ways to cope with them is available on the Resources page.

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