Embracing Neurodiversity: Unlocking Potential through Neuropsychological Evaluation

by Nicole Garcia, PhD Neurodiversity embraces the rich spectrum of cognitive diversity present in the human population. It acknowledges and celebrates the inherent differences in the way individuals process information, communicate, and navigate the world. From distinct learning styles to varied emotional expressions, neurodiversity recognizes that each mind is unique, adding to the intricate spectrum…
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Five Moves to Try When You’re Feeling Frazzled

by Danielle Taylor, PsyD The holidays can be a wonderful and stressful time for many people. All of the merriment, especially for those creating the magic can take a toll on the mind and body! Thanks to the work of many mental health professionals such as Deb Dana, Peter Levine, and Bessel van der Kolk,…
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SPACE Treatment: Helping your Child Overcome Anxious Emotions

By Allison Dickens, LPC Parenting, at the best of times, is hard work.  Parenting a child who struggles with anxious emotions can feel confusing, scary, and frustrating for all involved.  Further, as parents it is easy to feel that you are failing your anxious child by not responding appropriately to their emotional distress.  Traditionally, therapy…
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