Handling Your Winter Blues

by Beth Granet, PsyD Winter is here. We have changed our clocks, pulled out our sweaters, and gotten our shovels ready for use. For many of us, it is dark outside when we wake up in the morning and when we leave work in the evening. The cold weather makes it all too tempting to…
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Managing Stress, With your Breath

by Deb A. Garbeil In emotional times, stressful times and just plain busy times, we’re often told to “just breathe” or “you need to take a breath” as a way to handle the situation. Taking that one mindful breath for a few seconds may help at that moment, but shortly after we’re likely to go…
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What is CBT?

By Gina McSheffrey-Emmons, PhD When you think of therapy, what comes to mind? A common and often misperceived image of therapy is the client lying down on a couch talking about his/her problems with the therapist passively sitting in the background taking notes. Therapy can be more than just talking about one’s problems and can…
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