Helping Children Learn About Gender: A Guide for Parents

By Allison Dickens, LPC Happy Pride Month! During this month, alongside the celebrations honoring the LGBTQIA+ community, there may be questions from children about the meaning of some of these acronyms and terms.  Specifically, gender has become a more prominent and important topic to many youths and adolescents.  More and more, young people are questioning…
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SPACE Treatment: Helping your Child Overcome Anxious Emotions

By Allison Dickens, LPC Parenting, at the best of times, is hard work.  Parenting a child who struggles with anxious emotions can feel confusing, scary, and frustrating for all involved.  Further, as parents it is easy to feel that you are failing your anxious child by not responding appropriately to their emotional distress.  Traditionally, therapy…
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