The Art of Saying “No”

by Beth Granet, PsyD Imagine this: you’ve returned home after work on a Friday evening after a long and exhausting week. Your friends, whom you have not seen in months, ask if you would like to join them for dinner. You have been looking forward to a quiet night at home all day and feel…
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Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Children

By Viviana Villalobos, LPC Trauma affects a person’s outlook on life, how they view the world and, most importantly, how they view themselves. Reactions to trauma can affect our daily life and impact our ability to function and interactions with others. Understanding how trauma can impact children can help parents to better understand their child…
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What Is Your Love Language?

By Liza Ibrahim, LPC Communication is a huge component of any relationship and there are so many ways in which we express ourselves, including emotionally, physically and so many others. The concept of “love languages,” as described by Gary Chapman in his book, “The Five Love Languages,” focuses on how we all have a personalized…
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